Real estate as a resilient investment asset
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Privately held real estate has demonstrated greater stability and less exposure to
public market fluctuating volatility. When compared to publicly traded real estate
Investing strategies.

An opportunity zone is a disadvantaged community where new investments, under strict conditions, may be eligible for tax incentives provided through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The goal of this program is to encourage long-term investment in low-income
With the deadline approaching, there’s no reason to think that opportunity zones will not attract additional capital.” There are also benefits to investing in opportunity zones past 2021. Investors will still be able to invest that same $1,000, hold the OZ investment for 10
years and pay no tax on the gain.
A qualified Opportunity Zone business is a trade or business in which: (i) substantially all of the tangible property owned or leased is located in a qualified Opportunity Zone, (ii) at least 50% of the business’s total gross income is derived from the active conduct of a qualified business within a qualified …

We maintain our position that the Opportunity Zones program is one of the most impactful government programs in recent history. To that end, we’ve developed a strategy centered on efficient diversification, data-driven market selection, and a unique single-asset fund structure to deliver investors an attractive portfolio of qualifying Opportunity Zones investments. As the program develops and matures, we’ll keep investors informed of key developments and dates to consider when financial planning. Investors who have questions about Qualified Opportunity Zones can email.